Also known as permanent make-up or micro-pigmentation, cosmetic tattooing is the placement of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. The result is a shadow of colour which provides the appearance of flawlessly applied make-up or natural skin tone.

You can swim, sleep, perspire, play sport, wash your hair, eat and still look GREAT! It won't wash off and lasts for years.

While cosmetic tattooing is for all intents and purposes the same as conventional tattooing, it is a unique procedure in many ways. The most important difference is with the objectives of the two.

A conventional tattoo is designed to stand out and be clearly defined whereas the essence of cosmetic tattooing is to highlight natural facial lines and features in a way that the tattoo itself is not obvious.

Cosmetic tattoo technicians are essentially qualified beauticians trained in tattoo procedures. Their aim is to accentuate beauty, not just to produce art!!

A cosmetic tattoo treatment is especially beneficial to people who have allergies to traditional cosmetics, who are active sports or gym enthusiasts, or people who are in the public eye and want to look their best all all times without worry. People with disorders resulting in hair loss, or with poor vision, or who are suffering from dexterity challenges that make applying make-up difficult, find that a cosmetic tattoo offers an excellent solution for their beauty needs and their self esteem.

Beauty is in the eyebrow holder! Eyebrows frame the eyes and lift the face. They can be shaped and defined or repaired from over plucking or hair loss with a Feather-stroke tattoo.

Feather-stroke eyebrow tattoos are ideally suited to the woman who has permanently loss hair filaments in her eyebrows. The technique involves applying a fine hair-stroke (or feather-stroke) to the area to replicate the missing filaments. An example of a feather-stroke tattoo may been seen here.

An eyeline treatment is ideal for people with small pale pink eyes needing definition and shape, oily skin which causes make-up to smear, contact lenses wearers, allergic eyes, people with poor eyesight, or people who like to wear eyeliner to enhance their eyes. Top and bottom eyelines can be fine or wide, tapered or straight.

A cosmetic lipline tattoo can be used to enhance the contour of the lips towards a more pleasant, youthful, even pouty or sensual look. Ideal for people who have no definite lip shape, uneven lips or lips that have lost their shape as a result of cold sores or injury. Colour is implanted in a fine line on the outer edge of the lips, giving a lovely defined shape to the mouth.

A full-lip tattoo or lipline blend is beneficial to pale or sun damaged lips or simply so your lips look great 24hrs a day hassle free!

BEAUTY SPOTS - Enhance a freckle, make it a feaure, or create a beauty spot. This simple procedure will give you a very sexy and fashionable look.

PARAMEDICAL TATTOOING - A paramedical tattoo is used to help patients to camouflage and repair scar tissue left from: burns, acne,chicken pox, loss of pigmentation, and vitaligo.

Aerola re-touches or re-design may be performed on women following breast augmentation or mastectomy surgery.

COSMETIC TATTOO CORRECTIONS - Many women opt for cheap tattoo procedures from inexperienced technicians only to be totally disenchanted by the results. Esmeralda can do a tattoo correction in order to darken, lighten, change or match shape and colour.

Yes. Strict hygiene and sterile environment guidelines are followed as required by Queensland legislation. All instrumentation involved in the procedures are disposable 'single-use-only' thus eliminating any chance of cross contamination.

The pigments used by Esmeralda have been created specifically for the face. They are an Iron Oxide base, a safe non-reactive substance. All pigments are pre-sterilised during the manufacturing process

The pigments are imported from a reputable manufacturer in the USA. Over 50,000 technicians use their products in 33 different countries daily. Their product has been tested and proven for over ten years.

Yes, a little but the result far outweighs the pain. Everybody has a different pain threshhold so some feel it more than others. The pain is far less then that associated with conventional tattooing as pigments are placed much shallower under the skin.

Some clients take pain relieving tablets prior to the treatment. A topical anaesthetic cream may be used to numb the treatment area if the client desires.

The healing time is minimal for all treatments. A small percentage of people have some swelling, but work and all other activities can be continued immediately.

Many things can alter the end result appearance of a cosmetic tattoo: skin pigment, acidity, oils levels, and neglecting to follow the tattoo home care instructions. In an initial FREE consultation, Esmeralda will be able to provide an indication on the final result based on your skin properties, along with which treatments you would most benefit from.

Esmeralda insists that all her clients return for a review. In some cases a small retouch may be required.

While a cosmetic tattoo can last as long as 4 years, an annual re-touch will prolong a cosmetic tattoo for may more years.