Eyebrow Tattooing

Eyebrow Feathering

Eyebrow Feathering involves a revolutionary technique and tool that creates the appearance of individual natural hair-stroke. Now, sparse eyebrows or gaps in between hairs can be beautifully filled in and shaded with complementary colour for any skin tone. The tool design along with the tattooing technique produces multiple strokes with varying directions and lengths and creates dimensions to the brows, rather than a solid shaded colour application.

60 mins

Eyebrow Shadowing

Eyebrow Shadowing creates soft shadows below natural hair to give the eyebrows fullness and define their shape to suit the face. Blended pigments provide realistic colours to match hair and skin tone.

60 mins

Eyebrow Correction

Many women opt for cheap tattoo procedures from inexperienced technicians not trained in the most current techniques only to be totally disenchanted by the results. Esmeralda is able to perform a tattoo correction in order to darken, lighten, change or match shape and colour.

This treatment is generally performed over multiple sessions involving pigment removal and camouflage

3-4 sessions