Lip Tattooing


A lip line cosmetic tattoo is a great option if you want to change the shape or correct an uneven line. It will add emphasis to your lips and save you lots of time and hassle applying your lipstick. You will still need to wear lipstick or gloss to fill in your lips as it will appear as if you are only wearing liner.

60 mins

Lipliner + Blend

A lip line with blend cosmetic tattoo will add fullness and natural colour to your lips without the full lipstick look. This procedure involves creating a defined lip line to enhance the lips and then shading it back into the natural lip colour.

90 mins

Full Lip

A full lip cosmetic tattoo is ideal if you desire the fuller lip look. Colour may be selected to emphasise the natural lip pigment or a brighter vivid tone providing the benefit of 24 hour lipstick. Either way, lipstick may still be applied to suit the occasion.

120 mins