Para-Medical Tattooing

Areola Tattooing

Areola tattooing is a common procedure for women who have had breast implants following a mastectomy. An areola and nipple are able to be tattooed using shadow techniques to create a 3D illusion.

60 mins

Areola Enhancement

Irregular and fading areola may be re-pigmented and/or augmented to add the illusion of fullness to the breasts.

60 mins

Scar Camouflage

Camouflage of scars resulting from surgical procedures, burns, acne, or other pigmentation irregularities, is achieved by a combination of tattooing and skin needling. The mico-pigmentation introduces new colour to the scarred area to match the surrounding skin while needling promotes growth of collagen, melanin and keratin within the skin layer.

5-8 sessions