Aftercare Guide

Ensure you adhere to the following instructions in the days following your procedure. This will ensure the integrity of your tattoo and minimise the chance of infection to the tattoo area.

Purchase a small tub of Vaseline , This is best for the healing process of your new tattoo, it also soothes and assists the natural healing process of the skin.

For all cosmetic tattoos:

    Try to keep the cosmetic tattoo dry for at least four days, applying the vaseline 3 TIMES PER DAY FOR THE FIRST 7 DAYS.
  1. DO NOT use soap or cleansers on the tattoo area for the first 5 to 7 days . Clean tattoo area with warm (cold for an eyeline treatment) running water and cotton wool, pat dry and apply a smear of Vaseline with a cotton tip in a gentle dabbing motion. NEVER RUB A NEW TATTOO.
  2. During the days following the procedure, the tattoo area MUST be kept moist for successful healing. Apply VASELINE to the tattoo area every 3-4 hours for the first 4 days. After this, whenever the skin feels dry. Only a thin smear of cream is necessary. DO NOT apply an excessive amount of cream.
  3. Pigments will appear brighter / darker, in the days immediately following the procedure. This is due to scabbing forming on the tattoo area. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you DO NOT pick or RUB the new tattoo, or remove this scabbing. Allow the scabbing to fall off naturally. This will occur in around the following 3-10 days, leaving a more natural colour.
  4. DO NOT touch the tattoo area with your fingers as this may cause infection.
  5. DO NOT apply moisturiser creams that contain ALPHA HYDROXY ACIDS (AHA) to the tattoo area.
  6. DO NOT apply make-up or mascara to the tattoo area during the first 7 days.

For EYEBROW cosmetic tattoos:

  1. Swelling and tenderness may occur after the procedure. This may be relieved by applying cold compression to the area for no more than 10 minutes.
  2. It is normal for the tattoo area on the eyebrows to weep a clear fluid. It is important to remove this fluid in the following 24 hours by firmly wiping with a moist cotton tip.

For EYELINER cosmetic tattoos:

  1. Rest the eyes in the hours following the procedure. If swelling occurs, apply a light ice-pack for no more than 10 minutes to alleviate soreness. It is NOT NECESSARY to apply Vaseline to the eyeline tattoo area, however you may apply the cream (being careful not to get the cream in your eyes) to aid in soothing.
  2. Gently wash the eyeline tattoo area with COLD WATER ONLY.

For LIP cosmetic tattoos:

  1. If you suffer from cold sores (Herpes), alternate applications of Vaseleine with a cold sore cream.
  2. Avoid acidic food and use a straw when drinking for the following 5 days.

Ongoing Care

Exposure to the sun over time will cause fading and/or colour change. It is very important to use sunscreen and glasses when outdoors.

Chemicals will cause bleaching of your cosmetic tattoo. Cover the tattoo area with Vaseline when swimming in salt or chlorinated water. Moisturisers, face scrubs or peels containing Glycolic acid should never be applied to your cosmetic tattoo. Always read product labels before using such products.