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Beauty is in the eyebrow holder! Beautiful feathery brows designed for your tone and face.

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Enhance your lashes or make your eyes jump out! Reshape your eyes with subtle flicks

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Want that fuller lip look without fillers? Enhance your lips with a lipliner or natural lip colour blend

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Areola tattooing after surgery or simply enhance size & colour. Hide a scar or blemish.

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Blending in thin or patchy regions of the scalp. Completely Bald? Get a permanent sexy stubble-look!

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Unhappy with the outcome of a cosmetic tattooing procedure? We can fix it for you!

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Interested in a highly rewarding career as a cutting-edge beauty service provider?

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The latest treatment to combat aging skin that provides some of the benefits of a facelift without the need for surgery.

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The latest cryolipolysis technology is a game-changer, honing in on areas of the body notorious for clinging on to fat reserves

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About Esmeralda

Over two decades of experience in the beauty industry contributes to the success of CosTATT Clinic today...

What Our Clients Say...

You are never too old. I am 63 and had my eyebrow & eyeliners done 18 months ago with Esmeralda. Now I never use much make-up. I searched for 6 months to find a good technician and got the best! I now feel beautiful inside and out. A very professional lady.

Lyn T - Toowoomba

...Esmeralda is a true professional. Nothing is too hard, the follow-up allows you to address any concerns you may have. (If any!!!). Thank you for a fantastic experience and amazing outcome.

Melody V - Highfields

Esmeralda, thank you so much for creating the new and improved me! I absolutely love my eyebrows and I'm so excited to get more things done with you in the future. You are the kindest and most talented soul ever. Driving all the way from St George, QLD was definitely worthwhile.

Petia J - St George

When I first read these testimonials I thought, oh nice, but after meeting and having Esmeralda do my eyebrows and eyeliner, I totally admire her and her work. She is exceptional. Now I would not let anyone else near my face.

Melanie E - Charleville

Esmeralda is truly amazing. A very talented artist who is a warm genuine person. She has done my brows and top & bottom eyeliners and I love the result. I highly recommend her to anyone considering cosmetic tattooing.

Patricia H - Oakey

I have never liked the rounded shape of my eyebrow and waxing and tinting and plucking never seemed to give me the perfect shape ... until I met Esmeralda. I love my new brows! The procedure was surprisingly not painful at all. Esmeralda is so professional and a really beautiful person. I wish I needed to visit her every week!

Natasha C - Toowoomba

Esmeralda gave me far more than perfect work on my brows and eyes - she also gave me confidence, not just in her ability, but in myself. No more avoiding mirrors because of an allergy to make-up, now I can't stop looking!

Bookey P - Zimbabwe

I can not recommend this beautiful woman enough! She has put so much time into my brows and eyeliner and I love them! (And her!) She also saved my mothers eyebrows (and changed her life!) after they had been destroyed by a previous cosmetic tattooist. Thank you beautiful lady for being so awesome at your job and such a caring soul!

Caiti M - Toowoomba

I wish to thank you for the wonderful work on the eyeliner. Excellent experience all around, looking forward to the next appointment.

Roxanne N - Wilsonton

I highly recommend the work of Esmeralda. I had my eyebrows done last year because they had become sparse with age. Esmeralda has an artist's eye for aesthetics and thoroughly explained the process which ensured clear expectations. With tattooing it looks more polished, yet natural and is a far better result than using just makeup!

Anita W - Toowoomba

Esmeralda is very professional and very reassuring about the procedures. The result? Fantastic!! I love my eyebrows and eyeliner - they do not run in rain or the pool - goodbye panda eyes. Thank you Esmeralda.

Kathryn W - Toowoomba

I loved Esmeralda. She made me very relaxed. She is a beautiful lady inside and out. Very understanding of my wants. She did amazing work and was gentle and caring. I would recommend Esmeralda and her services to everyone. She is so talented and professional.

Michelle R - Toowoomba

I had been thinking of having my eyebrows tattooed for at least 10 years. I investigated & asked around for a long time. Everyone I spoke to about Esmeralda had positive things to say & they highly recommended her to me. I get nice comments all the time now... the latest is "nice to see someone knows how to shape their eyebrows" When I mentioned they were tattooed they had to have a really good look to see if I was being truthful!

Teena S - Goondiwindi

Everyone at work commented on my new look, but could not put their finger on what I had done. Took them a couple of weeks before they realised it was my new eyebrows. They were amazed at how much of a difference it made...not as much as I was. I was thrilled with Esmeralda's passion and the way she took the time to inform me of everything and answer every question I asked. Esmeralda did not fail in delivering what she said she could do.

Leonie E - Cairns

Love the shape of my new brows and the convenience of having the top eyeliner as well - The prossess was painless & easy and Esmeralda was so lovely during the whole process

Therese R - Maroochydore

Being a naturally light gingery-red head I gave Esmeralda a bit of a challenge. The pigment didn't like staying on my skin but Esmeralda spent lots of time ensuring they look perfect and natural, she did a brilliant job and is such a kind lady who works too hard! I get compliments on my brows all the time now. I'm a very satisfied customer!

Sam C - Brisbane

Thank you Esmeralda for giving me eyebrows that people envy and none of them can believe that they are tattooed either! Not only that, it didn't even hurt to get done.

Taylor N - Toowoomba

Had my eyeliner done 3 weeks ago. Absolutely loved the outcome. It has brought youth to my eyes + everyone comments on how lovely they are. Will be back in a couple of months to get my eyebrows done to complete the 'New Me'. Esmeralda, THANK YOU so much, truly a professional and caring woman.

Sharon A - Toowoomba

I have never felt so good about myself. Esmeralda has changed my life. I have never had much natural eyebrows but now I can swim and do lots of activities and still have amazing eyebrows. Esmeralda is so professional and committed to her work. Absolute BEST thing I have done for myself.

Therese W - Birtinya

Esmeralda put me at ease straight away with her professionalism. She has a superb eye for her craft ... I love my new brows!

Angela W - Toowoomba

My face looks 10 years younger with my beautiful Esmeralda Lips. I no longer have problems with my lips drying out because of lipstick. Could not recommend this more. Thank you so very much.

Sonny J - Lockyer Waters

Eyebrows, eyeliner and lips. All done by the beautiful Esmeralda. I am a client for life.

Robyn H - Toowoomba

Thank you so much for giving me eyebrows! Your professional service and advice put me at ease straight away and you took the time to explain everything. They are a amazing shape and beautiful colour. Thank you for your talent and professionalism.

Jennifer B - Laidley

Esmeralda is a very warm and talented cosmetician. She has a wealth of experience which she uses to full advantage for the benefit of her clients. Her work is measured, carefully applied, and includes before and after advice. I have been seeing her for a number of years and it always feels like catching up with a dear friend.

Lindsay N - Alexandra Headlands

Wow what a beautiful professional lady thanks so much for fixing up my uneven brows, I was initially anxious as previously had brows done by microblading which was painful but this procedure was painless. Thanks Esmeralda I feel like I've made a new friend as well. Can't wait to recommend you to all my friends.

Leanne H - Brisbane

5 years ago I had my eyeliner done by another cosmetic tattooist. It was an exceptionally painful experience and not a great job. I swore I would never do it again. Over the years my eyeliner faded to nothing and after speaking with Esmeralda I decided to try again. I was extremely nervous and afraid. Wow is all I can say. Esmeralda's technique was completely painless, minimal swelling and an absolutely beautiful look to my eyes. Thank you Esmeralda.

Tracey S - Toowoomba

When deciding to have my permanent eyeliner, I was very nervous and scared. However, talking with Esmeralda gave me the confidence and trust to have it done. Esmeralda is very professional and gentle, making my experience very comfortable. I love the fact that I can wake up in the morning and feel confident to leave the house without spending time doing my make-up.

Tenielle J - Toowoomba

WOW! I cannot begin to say enough good things about Esmeralda and her excellence in the field of permanent makeup. Esmeralda is truly gifted and is the most beautiful person inside and out. Having had my eyeliner done twice before elsewhere this time the process was painless and Esmeralda corrected things I didn't realise would cause problems later. Esmeralda gives wonderful advice and knows what is best for her clients. I can highly recommend Esmeralda, she is so talented, caring and insanely brilliant at what she does. Thank you so very much Esmeralda, you have a client for life

Rosemary D - Yaroomba

Esmeralda has changed my life. I went from being socially self-conscious to more confident. I no longer need to continually check for 'Panda Eyes' due to smudging eyeliner or make a bee-line for a mirror to check my make-up if someone knocks on the door.

Ann J - Toowoomba

I love Esmeralda's attitude of "can do" of fixing the disaster of my eyebrows! Makes you feel like you have known her forever, truly a beautiful person who cares about her clients would recommend her 110%.

Kym B - Gatton

Esmeralda - Wow! What a gorgeous lady but also what an expert in her craft. I put my non-existent eyebrows in her hands (somewhat nervously) and now have the absolutely most perfect brows for the first time in my adult life. Each day I wake-up I can not believe the difference brows make to my face. Next is my eyeliner - so excited.

Tabitha M - Warwick

Beautiful lady, beautiful heart and does wonderful work. I would highly recommend Esmeralda for anyone considering any cosmetic makeup or scar camouflage. Honest down-to-earth lady who loves what she does and her clients. Goes far and above to give best result. She wants to make people happy, confident and know their worth and beauty. God bless you Esmeralda. You are truly beautiful.

Bz L - Toowoomba

I am so glad to have met Esmeralda. She has changed my life! My new eyebrows have given me so much more confidence.

Jane H - Toowoomba

Esmeralda did a fantastic job on my 74-year-old eyebrows! I was so nervous but this beautiful lady (she truly is) had me so relaxed I love them. Thankyou so much.

Mary M - Chinchilla

WOW - Thank you for my new eyebrows!! They not only look wonderful - I feel great and my daughters think they make me look younger! Thank you so much for your special skills and talent. I'm sure there are lots of women out there who feel more confident and look more beautiful after being to your clinic and in your expert hands.

Jeanine D - HighFields

Thank you Esmeralda for the wonderful job you have done on my brows. I have thrown away the wretched eyebrow pencils for ever. My sight is failing so it makes things so very much easier for me. What a lovely and talented lady you are.

Wendy S - Toowoomba

Esmeralda is extremely professional and does an amazing job. I have been to her twice now for eyeliner (top and bottom) and most recently eyebrows. I'm 28yrs and do my make-up for work everyday, I got tired of putting it on and smudging after a few hours. Now i have perfect eyeliner and brows everyday. I love love love it! I'm so glad I was recommended to Esmeralda.

Halina W - Toowoomba

As I did not know what to expect, I was a little bit on the cautious side, but now that I have had my brows tattooed - well, I couldn't be happier! No pain or discomfort and the end product is fantastic. I don't know why it has taken me so many years to finally do it. Esmeralda is not only extremely very good at what she does, but is a very special lady who really cares about her customers.

Chris M - Crows Nest


Cosmetic Tattooing

Also known as permanent make-up or micro-pigmentation, cosmetic tattooing is the placement of pigment into the dermal layer of the skin. The result is a shadow of colour which provides the appearance of flawlessly applied make-up or natural skin tone.

You can swim, sleep, perspire, play sport, wash your hair, eat and still look GREAT! It won't wash off and lasts for years.

While cosmetic tattooing is for all intents and purposes the same as conventional tattooing, it is a unique procedure in many ways. The most important difference is with the objectives of the two.

A conventional tattoo is designed to stand out and be clearly defined whereas the essence of cosmetic tattooing is to highlight natural facial lines and features in a way that the tattoo itself is not obvious.

Cosmetic tattoo technicians are essentially qualified beauticians trained in tattoo procedures. Their aim is to accentuate beauty, not just to produce art!!

A cosmetic tattoo treatment is especially beneficial to people who have allergies to traditional cosmetics, who are active sports or gym enthusiasts, or people who are in the public eye and want to look their best all all times without worry. People with disorders resulting in hair loss, or with poor vision, or who are suffering from dexterity challenges that make applying make-up difficult, find that a cosmetic tattoo offers an excellent solution for their beauty needs and their self esteem.

Beauty is in the eyebrow holder! Eyebrows frame the eyes and lift the face. They can be shaped and defined or repaired from over plucking or hair loss with a Feather-stroke tattoo.

Feather-stroke eyebrow tattoos are ideally suited to the woman who has permanently loss hair filaments in her eyebrows. The technique involves applying a fine hair-stroke (or feather-stroke) to the area to replicate the missing filaments. An example of a feather-stroke tattoo may been seen here.

An eyeline treatment is ideal for people with small pale pink eyes needing definition and shape, oily skin which causes make-up to smear, contact lenses wearers, allergic eyes, people with poor eyesight, or people who like to wear eyeliner to enhance their eyes. Top and bottom eyelines can be fine or wide, tapered or straight.

A cosmetic lipline tattoo can be used to enhance the contour of the lips towards a more pleasant, youthful, even pouty or sensual look. Ideal for people who have no definite lip shape, uneven lips or lips that have lost their shape as a result of cold sores or injury. Colour is implanted in a fine line on the outer edge of the lips, giving a lovely defined shape to the mouth.

A full-lip tattoo or lipline blend is beneficial to pale or sun damaged lips or simply so your lips look great 24hrs a day hassle free!

Strictly speaking, a cosmetic tattoo is a semi-permanent treatment. Over time with exposeure to the environment, creams and as we exfoliate, a cosmetic tattoo will fade. The rate of this faded is dependent on the type of tattoo, recipient's skin qualities and lifestyle and the skill of the technician.

Regular retouching will be required to ensure the tattoo is always looking its best. AS a guide, eyebrow microblading and feathering techniques will require retouching every 12 months. lips - 2-3 years and eyeliner - 4-5 years.

Yes. Strict hygiene and sterile environment guidelines are followed as required by Queensland legislation. All instrumentation involved in the procedures are disposable 'single-use-only' thus eliminating any chance of cross contamination.

The pigments used by Esmeralda have been created specifically for the face. They are an Iron Oxide base, a safe non-reactive substance. All pigments are pre-sterilised during the manufacturing process

The pigments are imported from a reputable manufacturer in the USA. Over 50,000 technicians use their products in 33 different countries daily. Their product has been tested and proven for over ten years.

Yes, a little but the result far outweighs the pain. Everybody has a different pain threshhold so some feel it more than others. The pain is far less then that associated with conventional tattooing as pigments are placed much shallower under the skin.

Some clients take pain relieving tablets prior to the treatment. A topical anaesthetic cream may be used to numb the treatment area if the client desires.

The healing time is minimal for all treatments. A small percentage of people have some swelling, but work and all other activities can be continued immediately.

During an initial consultation, we will be able to provide an indication on the final result based on your skin properties, along with which treatments you would most benefit from. Normally the procedure is completed in a one hour appointment which, in some cases, may be performed immediately after the consultation.

Many things can alter the end result appearance of a cosmetic tattoo: skin pigment, acidity, oils levels, medication and neglecting to follow the tattoo home care instructions. We insist that all her clients return for a review. In most cases a small retouch is required.

While a cosmetic tattoo can last as long as 4 years, an annual re-touch will prolong a cosmetic tattoo for may more years.

HIFU Skin Tightening

HIFU stands for High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, which is emitted into the skin in the form of tiny beams. These beams converge under the skin at different depths and create a minuscule source of thermal energy. The heat produced stimulates collagen so that it grows and repairs. Collagen is the agent that works to tighten the skin. The active role of collagen tends to decrease as we get older, which you will notice when the skin on your face becomes loose. Then, as HIFU reactivates the collagen, your skin will have a tighter feel and appearance.

You should see results after 3-4 weeks after the treatment as the collagen rejuivanates. Results will continue to improve in the following weeks.

This will depend on your skin, needs, and expectations. The procedure can produce long-lasting results, but some people may benefit from a top-up treatment. However, most of our clients see effective results from only one treatment.

It is important to remember that this will vary from person to person. Results can last for up to 6 months. If you take care of your skin, then you will see long-lasting effects from just one treatment.

HIFU Skin Tightening is ideal for treating signs of ageing around the eyes, and mouth. It can also help to reduce sagging skin on the cheeks. Depending on the area of the face, different intensities of the ultrasound will be used. In particular, lower levels of ultrasound are used around the mouth and above the eyes, because the skin is thinner and more sensitive. Furthermore, the HIFU Face Lift can also target skin on the neck and decolletage. This helps to reduce signs of double chins, and leave you with a tighter and firmer neck.

Discomfort levels vary from person to person. The procedure can be a little uncomfortable on certain areas of the face where there is less volume, for example around the jawline or across the top lip. HIFU treatment is often described as a tingling feeling which can become more intense in these areas.

The HIFU Face Lift is a safe and non-invasive procedure. Our equipment is certified by the Therapeutical Goods Administration, Australia.

This is the best part about the HIFU Face Lift - there is no downtime! You may experience mild redness after the treatment, but this will fade within a few days. After the treatment, you can resume your daily activities immediately, with brighter and fresher feeling skin.

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