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Tattoo Corrections


When many people contemplate a cosmetic tattoo procedure, they opt for the cheapest procedure they are able to find. This is generally provided by an inexperienced technician who still mastering their skills and lacks the complete comprehension of colourometry and pigmentation techniques. The result is generally a total dienchantment with the result.

We see many such clients and are able to perform a tattoo correction in order to darken, lighten, change or match shape and colour. Correction is achieved by a combination of neutaralising and camouflaging existing colour. Sometimes a laser session may be require prior to aid in removing existing pigmentation.

Procedue and Retouches

Tattoo Corrections are generally performed over multiple sessions, especially when it comes to colour correction.

A cosmetic tattoo correction will slowly fade over time at a rate dependent on the tattoo location, your skin qualities and lifestyle. Regular annual retouching will be required to ensure your tattoo is always looking its best.


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I can not recommend this beautiful woman enough! She has put so much time into my brows and eyeliner and I love them! (And her!) She also saved my mothers eyebrows (and changed her life!) after they had been destroyed by a previous cosmetic tattooist. Thank you beautiful lady for being so awesome at your job and such a caring soul!

Caiti M - Toowoomba