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Para-Medical Tattooing


There are medical conditions that may be improved with non-invasive cosmedical tattooing treatment.

Areola tattooing provides many solutions. Areola creation by cosmetic tattooing is a common procedure for women who have had breast implants following a mastectomy. An areola and nipple are able to be tattooed using shadow techniques to create a 3D illusion.

Irregular and fading areola may be enhanced and/or augmented to add the illusion of fullness to the breasts.

Camouflage of scars resulting from surgical procedures, burns, acne, or other pigmentation ir egularities, is achieved by a combination of tattooing and skin needling. The mico-pigmentation introduces new colour to the scarred area to match the surrounding skin while needling promotes growth of collagen, melanin and keratin within the skin layer.

Review and Retouches

The ability of a client's skin to hold pigment varies with many factors. Because of this, reviewing a cosmetic tattoo is an essential part of the tattooing process. Generally a retouch will be required during this review.

A cosmetic tattoo will slowly fade over time at a rate dependent on your skin qualities and lifestyle. Regular retouching will be required to ensure your tattoo is always looking its best. As a guide, a para-medical tattoo will normally require a retouch every 2-3 years.


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Beautiful lady, beautiful heart and does wonderful work. I would highly recommend Esmeralda for anyone considering any cosmetic makeup or scar camouflage. Honest down-to-earth lady who loves what she does and her clients. Goes far and above to give best result. She wants to make people happy, confident and know their worth and beauty. God bless you Esmeralda. You are truly beautiful.

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